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Messianic Sinaiticism

Sinaitic Apologetics School Program Highlights

  • 12 levels of 12 lessons on various biblical, theological, and social topics
  • Plus, 12 Weeks of biblical Hebrew & 12 Weeks of biblical Greek (total of 14 levels)
  • 2 Week intermission between levels
  • $15 application fee
  • $185 per level

About The Program

Shalom friend. Thank you for inquiring about the New Covenant Congregation of Israel's Sinaitic Apologetics School, referred to as SAPS. NCCI Tabernacle Elohim facilitates an apologetics school under our academic institution, NCCI UNIVERSUM. SAPS is designed to introduce a higher level of biblical understanding to those who enroll in the program and desire to understand the Bible within the framework of Hebraic Bibliology a culture that was based upon Sinaiticism (the Mosaic law). This culture transitions into the New Testament cultural and religious ethos called Messianic Sinaiticism. Messianic Sinaiticism represents the core faith of the apostles who lived by the tenets of Sinai (Sinaiticism) in the faith of Yahoshua the Messiah. The apostles commanded all believers to follow their traditions that were introduced to them by Yahoshua who revealed it to them Sinaitically under the auspice of Yah's will (Matt. 5:17-20; 7:21-23; 19:16-17).

There is a troubling reality that most of Christendom, regardless of denomination is based upon a myth cultivated from presuppositions, racial biases, and misinterpretations of biblical texts magnified by tradition. To understand the word of God, and truly appreciate it, requires an acculturated understanding of the Hebrew faith and how the Israelites read and understood biblical passages in their era. Most Christians understand the word of God from a modern context understood as reader’s response. This context is insufficient as it does not correlate to how the writers of the Bible saw and understood things in their respective eras. Therefore, it is necessary to revisit biblical theology through the lens of the writers to establish authorial intent and context, rather than through the lens of contemporary biblical commentators and theologians. Our objective is to ensure that those who are enrolled in our school receive the best biblical, spiritual, and cultural training that any Hebraic-oriented school should provide its students.

Program's Purpose

Our program will teach and help you better understand:

  • Biblical theology
  • Biblical studies
  • Jewish and Church History
  • Science
  • Ecclesiology
  • Philosophy and Theo-philosophy
  • Lexicology
  • Theo-sociology
  • Hebrew and Greek, and
  • Expand your vocabulary significantly.

SAPS (Sinaitic Apologetics School) is designed to assist you in how to properly exegete biblical Scriptures. And ­­­­every part and aspect of this program is intended to increase your scriptural aptitude. SAPS will equip you with knowledge and understanding, and help you to become a better person, teacher, servant, apologist, evangelists, and witness to God’s grace and majesty. This program will help you become a more educated worshiper of God in Christ. Sinaitic Apologetics is robust and challenging, but it is also fun (have fun with it!).

What to Expect

Our facilitator(s) hold terminal degrees in theology, biblical studies and apologetics. It is our desire to bring theological academia from the university to the community for a fraction of the cost. The first 8 weeks of SAPS consists of basic academic biblical Hebrew. The second 8 weeks is basic academic biblical Greek. The remainder of the course is an academic thesis on varying theological, biblical, ecclesiastical, and social topics that helps one to understand who God is in these respective groups. There are 12 levels in SAPS and 12 academic lessons per level. After each lesson, there will be an exam consisting of a variety of true-false questions, fill in the blanks, and essays. Hence, each level is a semester. The cost is $15.00 for the application fee and $185.00 dollars per level (not lesson).


NCCI Universum has identified 7 levels that a biblical exegete can attain. Level 1 argues topics from a single passage in Scripture, through Level 7, which argues passages from a scientific perspective known as hermeneutics. Every student who graduates from SAPS will have learned how to become a Level 7 Exegete, the highest level in exegetical study and dissemination. If you are interested in our apologetics school, please complete the enrollment application and the confidential disclosure agreement (CDA), a/k/a, the Casting Pearls document, or contact us for more information. This program is the pathway to Messianic Sinaiticism.

How To Apply

To apply to New Covenant Congregation of Israel's Sinaitic Apologetics School, please download the documents below, complete them and return them to or mail them to us at NCCI Universum, 9908 Monroe Road, Matthews, NC 28105.

Download the Casting Pearls Confidential Disclosure Agreement

Download the Sinaitic Apologetics School Application

Download the Tuition Schedule

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